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About Us

Keith Merwin President and founder of IVT. Keith is our "chief technology architect" with 18 years of experience designing computer systems to meet the needs of organizations. 

He has over ten years experience designing and building Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) applications and has planned and implemented call centers handling thousands of calls per hour. Keith has also authored several articles on CTI. He spoke at a conference in Europe during the Fall of 1997 on the future developments of CTI and the Internet.

Jerry Merwin  Jerry earned the doctorate in Industrial/Organizational & Vocational Psychology from North Carolina State University. He has served as both an internal and external consultant, working with a variety of organizations from small insurance, banking, and retail businesses to medium sized businesses engaged in retail and wholesale mail-order, manufacturing, and telecommunications. Jerry has taught at the university level since 1974. 

He currently teaches courses in management/leadership and information systems and utilizes technology in his teaching, such as Internet based video conferencing. His specialty areas include assessing the needs for organizational change and planning performance management programs.

Bob Drury  Bob combines unique skills in creative graphics (print and electronic) web design and knowledge of network operations (from LANs to the Internet). He develops quick loading graphics which add value and visual appeal to an informational site. Bob develops graphics and Internet sites on the latest Macintosh systems and works with both UNIX and Microsoft NT servers to make web sites that function efficiently while having a sophisticated function and appearance.
Clay Kramer Clay works with telephone systems and computer networks. He has experience planning and installing Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) systems in small offices and in call centers with over 200 work stations. Clay also has training with both NT and Novell setups.

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